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Weight Loss Juices

Do Weight Loss Juices Exist?

It is often said that juice is full of hidden calories. Therefore, many who are trying to lose weight will avoid them. However, the reality is that juice, like other foods, comes with a wide variety of calorie levels. This makes it possible to choose varieties that are naturally low-calorie juices.

Here, however, we aren't satisfied with simply producing low-calorie juices that have no other benefits. Therefore, we have formulated a plan that turns our selection into a rotation of weight loss juices. This weight loss/juice cleanse/detox program comes in a number of durations, so you can use it for as long as you need for good results. Plans start at three days and go up to 21 days. These plans ensure that you get a good mix of powerful health benefits as well as the nutrients you need in order to stay healthy. The low-calorie juices provided with each plan ensure that you will also lose weight.

Our weight loss juices are sold with up to five servings to a bottle. However, we are well aware of how easy it is to chug an entire bottle of a great-tasting juice blend. Therefore, we have made sure to keep the total per-bottle calorie count to a reasonable amount – as low as 45 calories for the entire thing, and for some types, possibly even less.

Another thing that will help with weight loss is that our juices are raw. This means that they must be sold frozen, and then thawed in your refrigerator before consumption. This helps with consumption control as well as ensuring that all of the healthy aspects of the juices are not cooked away by pasteurization.

If you'd like to power off the pounds, start with our weight loss juices and plans. You'll love the head start.

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