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Vegan Friendly Juices

Are All Juice Products Vegan-Friendly Juices?

It may come as a shock to learn that not every product labeled as a "juice" is actually vegan. After all, doesn't juice come from plants? It does indeed originate from plants, but in many cases, juice product manufacturers add other ingredients that ruin their products' vegan status. Therefore, those looking for an entirely plant-based drink need to be careful and check the labels of every product before consuming it.

Despite this, it isn't all that hard to find vegan-friendly juices. Even juice that has had water added still qualifies because water isn't an animal product. However, those who make the effort to be vegan almost always want their food to be healthy, as well. This means that it's important to check for more than the lack of animal products in juices. One should also look for raw, cold-pressed juice. This kind of juice has not had its beneficial elements degraded by heat.

Other dietary concerns also need to be taken into consideration when buying juice. Those who aren't vegans may still want to avoid dairy ingredients or gluten in their products. Many juice blends include milk, cream, or other dairy products. This is especially true of smoothies and shakes, but in some cases, the presence of dairy is a surprise. Therefore, checking is required to make sure you're getting dairy-free juice.

Almost all juices are naturally gluten-free juices, which means that any gluten comes from fillers that have been added. Such fillers may be used to make a juice seem "thicker" than it naturally is. The price of the product is not an indicator of a lack of fillers, since some manufacturers actually see them as "body improvers" for their products. Instead, those who want to avoid gluten need to specifically look for gluten-free juices by reading the ingredient label.

One easy way to make sure your juice is vegan friendly, dairy-free, and gluten-free is to buy our NK's Nutri Health Juices. All of our juices are free of all fillers and non-juice additions, so you never have to worry about what else may be in them.

Our juices are also cold-pressed and never pasteurized, so you can be sure that you are getting everything that is supposed to be in them. Of course, the lack of cooking means that you need to be careful to keep them at or below refrigerator temperature at all times before consumption.

All of our gluten-free juices are self blends from pure fruit and vegetable juices, but they are mixed using our unique juice recipes, not unrelated ingredients. This gives you more healthy, natural juice components and ensures a great taste with no need for unexpected additions.

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