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The endocrine system involves many hormone-producing organs. Despite this, many people first have to pay attention to it because of elevated blood sugar levels, pre-diabetes, and full-blown diabetes. Therefore, the main focus of our Endocrine Support Boost juices is blood sugar control.

It may seem strange to drink a juice blend to keep your blood sugar down, and you may have even heard that juice is full of natural sugar. However, this is not true of all juice types. We have carefully selected juices that do not have an overabundance of it. Those that do have a higher amount of sugar are used sparingly, so they won't cause an undue blood glucose spike. Each serving of Endocrine Support Boost juices has only 6 grams of natural sugars, and there are no added sugars at all. If you drink the entire bottle, you get 12 grams of natural sugars.

The juices in this blend also help with problems that often accompany increased blood sugars. Red beets, for example, help to lower blood pressure and make it easier to lose weight.

Another product worth featuring is our blend of Lymphatic Super Boost juices. As the name implies, this juice blend is meant to support the lymphatic system. Just like all of our blends, it also supports other important bodily systems, such as the immune and cardiovascular systems. It contains plenty of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds from the "white" foods, such as pears, potatoes, and apples. As you might expect, the color is named after the flesh of these fruits and vegetables, not their skins.

Endocrine Super Boost - Nutrition Label
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