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Lymphatic System Detox - Immune & Skin Cleanse 


    Lymphatic System Detox / Immune & Skin Cleanse

Kale, Rhubarb, Cucumber, Celery, Green Granny Apple, Organic Ginger, Organic Lemon with the Peel

The lymphatic system is our internal drainage system of tiny vessels with one-way (upward) valves.

Like the colon, poor diet and lifestyle cause the lymphatic system to accumulate toxins that have no way of being eliminated without a little help. With improper drainage, the system stagnates causing obstruction and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Many cases of back pain are actually caused by inflamed or swollen lymph sacks (a.k.a. cisterna chyli) located at the end of the lumbar vertebrae. If waste is not being completely eliminated, it accumulates over the years and the lymph sack becomes congested, causing the middle to lower back pain and even abdominal swelling.

The nice thing about the lymphatic system and skin detoxes is that they can be done relatively easily.

One of the most important things you can do to drain your lymphatic fluids is to detoxify by doing the rebounding exercise.

Clay baths and saunas will also help stimulate and unblock the lymphatic system.

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