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Juice Fasting Cleanse & Weight Loss Plans 


Juice Fasting, Juice Diet, Juice Detox/Cleanse for Weight Loss

A person doing a juice FAST consumes only the juices from fresh fruits and vegetables, in as many times a day as they like and can comfortably drink, in place of their solid food meals.
The number of juices drunk a day is 2-3 liters/quarts a day. In between juices, you may also drink vegetable soups, herbal teas, and plenty of pure drinking water. In other words, it is a purely liquid, nutritious diet.
With this kind of juice fast, healing reactions may occur earlier in the fast and possibly more severe, but consider them all as good signs of your body being on the way to healing!

Juice FASTING and juice FEASTING, also known as “juice diet,” “juice cleanse,” or “juice detox” are all ways to detoxify and nourish the body by drinking (or eating, in the case of juice feasting) plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The key is to hydrate and nourish your cells with the high-quality vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants that you don’t get from cooked foods

3 To 7-Day Detox/Juice Cleanse
A 3 to 7-day juice cleanse just enough to start flushing out the numerous toxins that routinely enter the body in the form of unhealthy food choices, environmental pollutants, or as a result of some hidden health issues.

8 To 14 Day Detox/Juice Cleanse

An 8 to 14-day juice cleanse is perfect for flushing out most of the toxins from your body AND start healing minor to moderate health issues. Most likely, if you suffer from some chronic diseases you will start noticing significant improvements in your condition—but a full-blown reversal of the pathology would still require a more extended detox plan            

15 To 21 Day Detox/Juice Cleanse

 This 15 to 21-day detox/juice cleanse aims to restore the balance in your current physiology as well as heal injuries and damage that you’ve suffered from your younger days (even from your childhood years).
An excellent decision! Twenty-one days is the minimum effective period your body needs to effectively reach the organs and systems that are troubled by chronic pathologies of all sorts.   



Juice Fasting Cleanse & Weight Loss Plans 

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