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NK'S Nutri Health Juices LLC

Activate a Stronger, Healthier You

The Juice That Fuels You


Established in 2019, 'NK'S Nutri Juices is Maryland's unique 100% Raw natural fruits and vegetable juice enterprise. Our company works diligently to be the 21st Century pioneers of novel healthy juicing. This includes managing dietary needs, promoting nutrition, and total vitamin yields. Our Super juice flavors have no added sugar or sweeteners, no artificial flavors Plant-based, vegan-friendly, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, soy-free, no dangerous chemicals or fillers, no preservatives or HPP.


Our mission is to become the premier unsurpassed juice company, offering authentic products at the best prices to boost the community's jobs and health. Our juice plans focus on identifying and connecting the pieces of the Whole person - Mind, Body, Family & Community.


The primary motivation that inspired the birth of NK's Nutri Health Juices was the heartbreaking and premature loss of twin babies' which has caused unbearable emotional pain and challenges—embarking on a venture that will commemorate the twins. Thus, the birth of NK's Nutri Juices. The name NK is derived from the first two letters of both baby's words (Nkai boy and Nkailie girl). you both will forever be loved and missed dearly! "Gone Too Soon."

  The company has since invested in the local economy, partnering with wellness organizations and Farmer's Markets. Our proud moment is quantified by fulfilling our unwavering commitment to give our customers authentic nutritious, delicious, and healthy products.


The pioneer, Dr. Petal Lemessy of NK's Nutri Juices, has practiced veganism for decades. Moreover, Petal has been considered a farm kid planting fruits and vegetables. She enjoyed this natural and healthy lifestyle. Her phenomenal parents, Richard and Evette Layne, always provided fresh organic fruits and vegetables for the family. Her siblings Sharon Layne, Collette Odonoghue, Stokely Layne, Petromella Layne, and Arlington Layne were irreplaceable supporters throughout her life. Today she is blessed with four amazing nieces and five outstanding nephews who love her more than anything in the world. This transcended into her adulthood and created a lifestyle of juicing and blending. This healthy lifestyle merged when Petal and Keston met as he practiced healthy living and a physically active lifestyle; with this combination, a wellness revolution began and has manifested into a well-researched and productive business model.


All 30-plus flavors of our juices, systematic detox, and juice shots are cold-pressed. Our natural fruit, smoothies, slushies, Acai bowl, fruit-ade, and fruit tea are deliciously made. Refreshing Frappé coffee and coffee drinks, salads, lettuce tacos, avocado toast, wraps, and more grab-and-go menu items; We use the colored food-groups guidelines believed to improve specific body systems.

The favorite menu items are the Lose weight feel great juice cleanse, digestive super-boost green juice, strawberry-raspberry, mango-pineapple slushies, and Frappé coffee.


100% PURE, wholesome, delicious juices. Great tasting, carefully crafted to be low in calories, and cravingly nutritious. Our juices are raw and must be kept frozen. Our smoothies are made to order.

Our juices combination maximizes vitamin and mineral absorption and helps with various health goal-the perfect solution for a healthy lifestyle.


We cold-press our juices using a lower speed technology and no heat; in exchange, our juices retain maximum yields from the fruits and vegetables with a wide array of daily vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytochemicals.

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