NK'S Nutri Health Juices LLC


Keston Lemessy, an accomplished Information Technology expert, and Dr. Petal Lemessy, a first-rate finely-honed Medical Imaging Professor, Program Director, Clinical Coordinator, and Radiation Safety Officer by profession, are the proprietors of this novel and emerging juice product. Keston and Petal Lemessy, through hard work and dedication, obtained their graduate degrees, achieved extensive knowledge and immense academic awards, and outstanding recognition in their respective fields of study. Throughout their combined four (4) decades of professional work, they have gained valuable experiences that have made them unequivocal and efficient professionals. The qualified fitness couple has practiced health, fitness, and wellness for decades as individuals and as life partners and has gained several healthy, nutrition, and weight management certifications through practice and professional training.

The pioneer of NK'S Nutri Health Juices has been practicing veganism for many years. Moreover, during a period of her childhood, Petal Lemessy was considered a farm kid, since she lived on a farm and spent a great deal of time planting fruits and vegetables. As a ritual on Saturdays, crops were harvested and used in her family's and friend's kitchen. She enjoyed this natural and healthy lifestyle on the farm. As such, her childhood act of growing up eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables transcended into her adult life and created a lifestyle of juicing and blending for over 20 years. This healthy eating merged when she met Mr. Keston Lemessy, and a healthy revolution began.


Our mission is to become the premier unsurpassed juice company in the USA, offering authentic products at the best prices. We use only the freshest ingredients, and everything is made locally. We also seek to boost the local community by creating jobs and promoting a healthy community by offering quality products. NK'S Nutri Health Juices intends to pride itself on serving authentically-prepared products.

We believe it is not enough to make sure our family gets a healthy diet but lives a long healthy life. As we look at our neighbors, extended family, and friends, we see and hear that many are suffering without knowing how to correct internal ailments. Therefore, our goal is to provide a platform for people to source nutrient-rich, healthy juices and resources to help them live their best lives to the fullest and bring their dream of health and wellness to fruition. We focus on implementing programs that focus on identifying and connecting the pieces of the Whole person - Mind, Body, Family & Community.

Our Inspiration

The primary motivation behind NK'S Nutri Health Juices LLC is to provide exceptional healing juice to people who are suffering from various ailments, those in the path of internal cleansing, and individuals on a journey to begin or continue a path of a healthy lifestyle and diet choices, in an affordable way.  The decision to start NK'S Nutri Health Juices LLC was inspired by the heartbreaking and premature loss of the couple's twin baby boy and girl. This loss has caused intense emotional pain, further coupled with life challenges. This quagmire inspired them to embark upon a venture that will immortalize their twins. Thus the birth of NK.'s Nutri Health Juices LLC resulted. The company got its name NK's from the first two letters of both baby's names (Nkai twin boy and Nkailie twin girl). We, their parents, will forever love you and miss them!"Gone Too Soon."

  The couple has since become entrepreneurs. They have invested in the local economy, partnering with various organizations and Farmers Markets with ambition and the drive to become a top juice bar.  Our proud moment is not only quantified by the fulfillment we receive when we complete a marathon or a professional achievement but also by our unwavering commitment to give our customers authentic healing products through juicing.

    NK'S Nutri Health Juices focuses on using high-quality, healthy ingredients to make great-tasting products. The philosophy of our business revolves around the recognition that many people find it challenging to get the nutrition they need for a healthy body. Taking our juices has been proven to provide an efficient and easy way for people to combat this problem.

  Established in 2019, 'NK'S Nutri Health Juices LLC' All Nutritious Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Raw Juices is Maryland's unique 100% Raw fruits and vegetable juice enterprise. Presently, located in Maryland U.S.A, our sole company works diligently to be the 21st Century pioneers of novel healthy juicing. This includes managing dietary needs, promoting high nutrients, and obtaining complete vitamin yields, by determining to enhance the utilization of the colored food group and human systems wellness into its customers' daily life.  Weight management (and by extension weight loss) is a benefit of using NK'S nutritious, healthy, consistently fresh, and tasty juices.  A sensible Detox plan is also a benefit of utilizing these juices. Our Super juice flavors have No Added, Sugars, Sweeteners, Artificial Flavors, Water, and Preservatives. These juices are made from 100% Natural, Fresh Ingredients and Vegan-friendly, Gluten, and Dairy Free.


Our Words

Lemessy': "It is our pleasure to share our work and dedication to the world. We hope for NK'S Nutri Health Juices to be not only a household name in Maryland but also the first product to think about when you need a delicious drink that nourishes, cleanses, and electrifies your body. Let's keep making great products and sharing them with the world!"

Words to that we stand on (our mission):

Integrity, partnership, balance, collaboration, accountability, communication, and diversity!

Be the change you seek!

Mr. Keston Lemessy

Dr. Petal Lemessy

Healthy Nutrition Through Juices Certification

Words to stand on:

Integrity, partnership, balance, collaboration, accountability, communication, and diversity!

Be the change you seek!

Mr. Keston Lemessy

Dr.Petal Lemessy

 Healthy Nutrition Through Juices Certification